Web based information system

State Agency investors may view investment account balances, and review and print account statements. On this page, you can also learn about other services available to local governments, such as payment processing. Follow the links for more information. Please browse this page, and take advantage of the technology and increased efficiency we can offer your agency.

Web based information system

Please update any bookmarks you may have with our new home page, https: In addition to submitting Annual and Final Reports through the online reporting system, grantees must also upload the SF form into Grant Solutions as a grant note.

Note that the SF is not submitted through the Web-based data collection system.

Rural Integrated National Transit Database

Login Instructions You are required to enter your grant number and password to obtain access to your data files. Grant numbers are preloaded into the system, and the number you enter must match this number for your grant.

Please enter your grant number without any dashes or trailing digits e. Every time you enter your form, you must enter your grant number for the system to retrieve your data. Please be aware of the site guidelines in place concerning failed login attempts and access to accounts after extended periods of inactivity.

System Use Notification You are accessing a U.


Government information system, which may be accessed and used only by authorized personnel for authorized business. System usage may be monitored, recorded, and subject to audit. Unauthorized use of this system is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties.

The use of this system indicates consent to monitoring and recording. Public Reporting Burden According to the Paperwork Reduction Act ofno persons are required to respond to a collection of information unless such collection displays a valid OMB control number.

The web-based system is designed so that, whenever possible, information entered by grantees will be carried forward from one year to the next, with only verification and any necessary updating of that information required.

The time required to complete this form is estimated to average 52 hours per response in a grantee's first year of award, including the time to review instructions, search existing data resources, gather the data needed, and complete and review the information collection.

In subsequent years, grantees will be asked to update that information, which we anticipate will require approximately 22 hours for NIDILRR's major programs i. If you have any comments concerning the accuracy of the time estimate s or suggestions for improving this form, please write to: If you have comments or concerns regarding the status of your individual submission of this form, write directly to: Office of the Chief Financial Officer, U.The Web Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) system is an integrated, Internet-based commodity acquisition, distribution, and tracking system built on Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) commercial software and an Oracle platform.

Web based information system

WBSCM supports domestic and . Welcome to the West Virginia State Treasurer's Office Internet Participant Access System (iPAS).

Web based information system

iPAS allows local governments that invest in the Consolidated Fund to view account balances in real-time, review and print account statements, and request account transactions on-line. Important Information PLEASE READ!; Homeroom Administrator Account information (form that was faxed to the NJDOE) only provides access to the Homeroom Administration System.

A Human Resource Management System or HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a form of HR software that combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of human resources, business processes and data.

Human Resources software is used by businesses to combine a number of necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing payrolls, . The Georgia Department of Community Health's (DCH) Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) is an integration of computer systems that work together to process Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids ® claims and other pertinent information related to the management of the Medicaid and PeachCare for Kids programs..

The Georgia Medicaid Management Information System (GAMMIS) . Contact/Additional Information [email protected] () What is WAAQ System?

Web-Based Archived Air Quality System. Why can’t I get or view older data?

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