The wheels on the bus writing activities

Until recently, I didn't know there was a name for those songs I create for story time where I borrow a traditional tune and write my own lyrics to match it.

The wheels on the bus writing activities

Make slits in each of the indented areas between the two rows of egg sections to weave the ribbon. Make the Bus with Your Preschoolers Invite the preschoolers to paint the egg carton with yellow paint.

You may need to do this step on one day and add the details on another day so the paint will be completely dry. When the paint is dry, help your preschoolers attach wheels to the bus with brass fasteners. If you think it will be too difficult for your children to push the brads into the egg carton, cut slits in the cardboard ahead of time.

Next, show your preschoolers how to weave the ribbon through the slits you created between the rows. They can start by pushing the ribbon up through the first slit.

Transport flashcards | LearnEnglish Kids | British Council Explain to them that they will go with you on a car trip.

They will end by pulling the ribbon through the last slit. Knot both ends of the ribbon and perhaps tape them so the ribbon will stay in place. Tell preschoolers to place a dot of glue on the top of each egg section in the top row.

They can add a window square of white foam onto each glue dot. Windows could be made from white card stock, too. Finally, your preschoolers will attach the red glittery octagon near the front of the bus.

Yes, it is small. You could make your signs larger if you choose. Learning Concepts in This Activity While it is fun to make a cute bus with your preschoolers, this activity was designed to explore a variety of textures and work on fine motor skills.

Textures You can ask your preschoolers to describe how the elements below feel to them. The stop sign octagon is made of a gritty sparkly paper. The wheels and the windows are smooth.

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The fasteners on the wheels are slippery. The grosgrain ribbon has ridges in it. Fine Motor The weaving of the ribbon and the placing of the brass fasteners are both fine motor skills.

Some of your preschoolers may need help with them. To add more interactivity and more fine motor practicestick Velcro dots on the top row of egg sections and place the other half of the Velcro on the windows. Children can put the windows on and off of the bus.

the wheels on the bus writing activities

Or use small pictures of your children with Velcro on the back to attach to the bus. You could even make small cards with letters and sing about the letters on the bus.

You could use this bus in other centers in your classroom or in other ways as you begin the school year.

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She loves growing and learning beside her son. You can find her on PinterestFacebookand Instagram.Gross motor activities which means movement of the entire body or larger parts of the body. Examples include creeping, crawling, rolling, running, jumping, and dancing.

Fine motor activities involve movement of smaller parts of the body, like hands and feet. Wheels on The Bus plus 35 more popular nursery rhymes that make learning FUN! Your children will enjoy our delightful collection of music videos that bring their favorite nursery rhymes to life.

Nursery rhymes accelerate phonemic awareness improving children’s word comprehension, reading and writing . Unit 1, Lesson 1 Family Videos (Big Book - What Makes a Family?, Below Level Reader - Visiting Grandma and Grandpa, On Level/Language Support Reader - My Family Pictures/My Family, Vocabulary Reader - Sisters and Brothers).

Browse Pete the Cat activities, games, and printable coloring sheets. Browse Pete the Cat activities, games, and printable coloring sheets.

Menu. Home; Books; Pete the Cat The Wheels on the Bus: Maze. Pete is late for the bus! Help Pete get through the maze so he can catch the bus with all his friends. CATEGORY: Maze. Read the book The Wheels on the Bus by Paul O. Zelinsky or Wheels on the Bus (Raffi Songs to Read) by Raffi book to the children.

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Look at the cover of the book and read the title together. Look at the cover of the book and read the title together. May 22,  · But sometimes there's no need to reinvent the wheel. I'll never need to write a piggyback song about riding the bus, because "The Wheels on the Bus" already exists.

If I read a book about the sun, I'd sing "You Are My Sunshine" or "Mr. Sun" rather than writing a lesser song about sunshine.

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