Slanket responding to snuggie s market entry

I like you, and your comments are fact. BBLeaks told an untruth but have forgiven him…well actually he told several. I hate lies…unless it is game play.

Slanket responding to snuggie s market entry

It's not a party until someone poor pathetic lonely college student is handing out pamphlets bad mouthing the British.

Seriously how the fuck is LaRouche not dead yet? Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, noting that her advocacy group is improperly soliciting contributions in the state.

Liberty Central is a Virginia-based group soliciting contributions online and is not registered or exempt, said Michael Wright, the manager of regulatory programs at the Office of Consumer Affairs, a branch of the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Political advocacy is considered a charitable purpose. Wright said it was not unusual for a group to be unaware of the Virginia law. I'm not sure why anyone's surprised.

The GOP leadership will back away quickly from these people if they have half a brain. It's only a matter of time before one of them shoots somebody. They said it wasn't pre-written. He was just talking. The more marginalized they get, the weirder they become.

Actually, best call on all this comes from a comment over at John Cole's place: Yeah but they do the same thing when Denny's doesn't have the grand slam breakfast special. Sophistry gets us nowhere, and it softens the impact of what they said. This is not the time to waver on offensiveness.

Yes, the word hurts people, but everyone needs to be made unavoidably aware that this is being said, here in "Post-Racial America," over, and over, and over. They are hiding behind all kinds of excuses for their behavior, and by pulling punches when responding, we are helping them hide. Anyone who tries to defend them by saying "most of them aren't racist" can only delude themselves if we let them.

I know that they are a minority, but I don't think my fear of a minority of ignorant, hate-filled, violence-threatening gun owners is disproportionate. I despair that this vile subset of our population has so much media coverage read: I despair that our media has abandoned their posts.

When I should be glad of getting a foot in the door of positive changes to the United States' miserable health "care" situation, I'm overwhelmed by the brutal and vituperative backdraft that has gathered such strength based on nothing more than ignorance, fear, and the insidious workings of those who would see Obama fail at anything he tries, in any sector of policy, regardless of how it will impact our nation.

Yes, healthcare for all is just like Hitler. Tell me one way that it's not. Where do we even begin? How did we get to a place where this mind-boggling level of ignorance is commonplace among so many, many people?

When Wolfgang Pauli said to students who turned in a paper based on a faulty premise, "Not only is it not right, it's not even wrong! What do we do when so many Americans are not even wrong? I vote, I am politically active, I am engaged with the process.

But right now, I feel helpless and defeated. This is not how I expected to feel on the verge of a vote for health-care reform that looks like it's going to succeed. The headline now reads: Not only that, but it's essentially another socialize-losses setup.

During people's most productive and healthy years, they pay into private insurance programs. During their declining and often most expensive years, they draw on public insurance. I'll bet the health insurance industry as whole loves medicare. That's what Hiter was known for! Steve King and Glenn Beck agree: On Palm Sunday inthe Republican-controlled Senate met in chambers and passed a bill aka the " Palm Sunday Compromise " to allow a federal court to intervene in the case of Terri Schiavo.

The House passed the same bill shortly after midnight on Monday morning. Fuck you, you asshole hypocrites.Bitter tea March 20, PM Subscribe. Getting ugly at the tea party protests today. Anyone who can corner the market on brown shirts will make a killing. posted by Jimmy Havok at AM on March 21, Frum's blog entry on the subject EarBucket referred to.

Slanket responding to snuggie s market entry

Move over Snuggie, Slanket, or any number of knock-off’ed ‘sleeved’ adult onesies. It’s time for the “Sleggie” — a legged sleeping bag that’s guaranteed to keep you warm and slow you down so that brown bear doesn’t have to work so hard.".

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Oct 21,  · Liberty Newspost Oct - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Explore. SLANKET: RESPONDING TO SNUGGIE’S MARKET ENTRY Even though Slanket counts with a much smaller promotional budget, it is clear that the company wants to position itself as a better quality sleeved blanket following a long-term strategy that will overcome fads and imitators.

Slanket: Snuggie: Sweater blankets for those too incompetent to operate one. and an extremely unsuccessful entry into Canada via acquisition of Zellers The difference in their products are significant enough that there's a market for the "Gibson sound" and the "Fender sound", and it's not uncommon to see players who have one of each.

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