Ocean protection and conservation essay

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Ocean protection and conservation essay

The birth and growth of human civilization and culture has been very intimately connected with the forests. Forests have had a great influence on human thought and way of living.

For example, the Vedas and Upanishads, the oldest known religious, philosophical and literary monuments of mankind are the direct products of forest-life in ancient India.

The Aranyakas or the Forest Texts form an integral part of these oldest testaments of human wisdom and philosophy. They are called so because they were both composed and studied in the forest-dwellings. They contain the contemplation and meditation of the forest seers, hermits and rishis on God and Soul.

Many of the Vedic gods are deified forces of nature.

Ocean protection and conservation essay

They have been very beautifully and poetically personified in hymns and prayers. In a very fascinating hymn, which is addressed to the Spirit of the forest, the Vedic poet says: Adorned with fragrant perfumes and she needs not toil for her food.

Mother of untamed forest beasts, Spirit of the wood, I salute you! But modern materialism, greed and over-exploitation of forests have left the bitter taste of the fruits of prosperity.

It has created a disharmony and imbalance in our ecology and environment, an evil that is being intensely realised now. The urbanisation and industrialisation on a vast scale, during the past few decades, have resulted in mass deforestation and depletion of the green cover.

Forests are one of the priceless boons of nature, but human consumerism has created such a great pressure on forests that they have almost disappeared in many areas, resulting in soil- erosion, floods, and barrenness of the earth, pollution, climatic changes, droughts and destruction of the fragile ecosystem.

The neglect and destruction of forests is bound to have serious repercussions on our lives. There is an urgent need to check deforestation and dwindling of green-cover in India. The over exploitation of our forests put us in an alarming situation. Hence, the preservation and development of forests should rank high in our priorities.

The part played by forests in improving the quality of environment and that of life is beyond any shadow of doubt. They are a great source of renewable energy and contribute significantly to our economic development.

India has an area of Unclassified area is spread over But, unfortunately, this cover is fast shrinking because of our greed, selfishness and wrong priorities.

Consequently, the wildlife has also been threatened and many species of animals and birds have become extinct and many others are in danger of extinction. India has a forest policy since It was revised in and again in The policy aims at protection, conservation and development of forests.

In the light of this policy, the forest related activities are being given a new orientation.

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The objectives are really laudable but there is no proper and strict implementation of the policy decisions. Destruction of forests by timber merchants, contractors, and local people, etc. Trees are being cut indiscriminately in the Himalayas, causing floods, soil erosion and salutation of the rivers and canals of the area.

Some enlightened people of the area were very much concerned at these activities of deforestation and so started the Chipko Movement under the leadership of Sidereal Bahuguna.With ever-increasing demands on the ocean, and a global trend toward protected areas being reduced in size or losing their protection, we need to recognize the celebration of a new MPA as the beginning rather than the end of our work to secure these important places forever.

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Marine Conservation NEXT: + Ways to Make a Difference» MarineBio is deeply committed to the conservation of the ocean and its marine life. The health of the ocean and marine life are so often taken for granted and due to our increasing numbers and wasteful practices, the ocean appears to be as vulnerable to harm by human activities .

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Sea, Ocean Pollution - Ocean Protection and Conservation. Human Impact on Ocean Productivity Essay - Oceans flourish through increased productivity, still, potential exhaustion though extinction is casting out a possible “tragedy of .

This type of conservation works to save species of the ocean and the aquatic habitats in which they reside. This essay will cover the topics of what marine life conservation is, what will happen if action to save the ocean is not taken, and possible solutions to the problem of pollution in the seas.

The protection of the oceans is not a.

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