Mini business plan for a florist

Additional revenue growth should stem from the maturing Castleberry Hill area as a destination shopping district.

Mini business plan for a florist

Users go off-line to ring up high ticket sales, but the web is where they make up their minds. These people are not just "window shoppers". Check with your Internet provider about how to improve your page loading speed.

They are on a mission. They go to your site to find out more about your product or service. Don't Overdo The Technology Don't let "hipper-than-thou" Web site builders throw your marketing know-how out the window.

Bring' Em Back For More Provide valuable added extras that will enhance your image as the industry leader. Make your site a must-visit for the latest breaking news and update it frequently. If there are no new products lined up, provide industry updates, gossip, trends and forecasts.

This will bring visitors back and motivate them to spread the word on the Internet grapevine. How to get folks to use your banner?

Include the words "Click Here", this is a banner for "newbies" and is a psychological call to action. Put Your Website Address Everywhere Your Web site address should be on every piece of material your customer will see. Business cards, brochures, postcards, flyers, ads, signs, delivery vehicles consider a tattoo?

Well, let's not go overboard. Can you animate your ad? Learn how to use YouTube and produce your own videos and direct customers to those videos. This will protect you if some one else decides to download some of your graphics and use them on their site.

The web is protected just like any other visual publication. Search Engines Register your Web site with as many search engines as possible. In fact, do a search on search engines. You will find several hundred. There are also sites such as Submit-It at www.

One important point, you can't rely completely on search engines to publicize your web site. You must advertise it whenever and wherever you can. Business cards, brochures, all your advertising must include your website address. I had a sign made for the rear window of my automobile with my web site address.

Learn About Search Engines at: If you are going to sell or market products on the web, it is important that your site have certain legal positions spelled out in legal language.

mini business plan for a florist

For example, you may want to notify customers about your site security if you are using credit cards. What actions are you liable for and what are the risks the customer takes. Spelling these out in advance and posting them as part of your site can head off legal problems down the road. Include A Guest Book When people visit your site ask them to sign your guest book.

Here are a couple of reasons: Demographics - what cities and countries are your hits coming from? Future advertising on your site. If you know the demographics of your site you can then provide this information to other companies who may pay you to post a banner on your page or a paid link to their page.

Keep track of frequent customers and big spenders and ask if you can e-mail them with any special sales or promotions you have planned. Update Your Site Often The only reason people return to sites is for new information.

People will stop returning to a site after a few times if there is no new information.

News: Breaking stories & updates

Update weekly, daily if possible, and be sure to note on the first page the date of the update. Ads And Banners Before you decide to place an ad or banner on another Web site monitor the site for about a month.

Look for changes and how often the site is updated. See Above If the site has nothing new to offer the traffic will slow and your ad will become ineffective. See if your industry publications have a web site.Make A Memorable Business Card a.

Make your business card a mini-brochure. If you need a map, or other information, use the back of the card. Blooms & Petals Florist is a trade marked business.

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Browse indoor plants for sale perfect for the hardworking college student, bountiful bouquets filled. A short business plan template will help you a lot.

Mini business plan template If you want to be a self-employed graphic designer, consultant, researcher or copywriter you just need to find answers to some few business essentials.

Writing a Business Plan for Your New Flower Shop - How to Open a Flower Shop