In 1995 amnesty write a report entitled meaning

No reasons are given to detainees for their arrest and they may not be notified of the charges against them until months, or years, later. Access to lawyers is almost always denied and political detainees have spent up to 10 years behind bars before their relatives have been told of their whereabouts.

In 1995 amnesty write a report entitled meaning

The present report has been prepared in response to the requests contained in the above-mentioned statement. Section I of the report contains an update on the good offices activities of the Secretary-General concerning the question of East Timor; section II contains a summarized description of action taken by various thematic special rapporteurs and working groups of the Commission.

Annex I of the report contains information provided by the Indonesian Government; annex II contains information provided by the Portuguese Government; annex III contains a summary of reports and other pertinent material provided by non-governmental sources. Since the last session of the Commission, the Secretary-General has held two new rounds of talks with the Foreign Ministers of Indonesia and Portugal on the question of East Timor.

The meetings, the sixth and seventh since the resumption of the trilateral talks inwere held in Geneva on 9 July and in London on 16 Januaryrespectively. In between the ministerial sessions, discussions between the two sides have continued at the Permanent Representative level with the participation of the representative of the Secretary-General.


The series of confidence-building measures agreed upon by the two sides in earlier rounds having succeeded in establishing a conducive atmosphere, the discussions have now entered a more substantive and confidential phase. Beginning at the sixth round, the two Ministers, without prejudice to their respective positions of principle on the political status of East Timor, have discussed issues identified by the Secretary-General regarding possible avenues to achieving a just, comprehensive and internationally acceptable solution.

These substantive issues, which both sides agreed to discuss in conjunction with one another, related to an eventual framework for a solution and other connected issues, inter alia, the preservation and promotion of the cultural identity of the East Timorese people and bilateral relations between Indonesia and Portugal.

Due consideration was given to human rights issues at these meetings. The Secretary-General facilitated the meeting, which was hosted by the Government of Austria and financially supported with contributions from a number of countries. The meeting discussed a broad range of issues and concluded with the adoption by consensus of the "Burg Schlaining Declaration", which inter alia, reaffirmed "the need to implement the necessary measures in the field of human rights and the various areas with a view to promoting peace, stability, justice and social harmony" and "the necessity for social identity of the people, including tradition, religion, history and language, as well as the teaching of Tetun and Portuguese".

The eighth round of talks between the Foreign Ministers of Indonesia and Portugal under the auspices of the Secretary-General is scheduled to take place in Geneva on 27 June The Secretary-General will persist in his efforts aimed at finding a just, comprehensive and internationally acceptable solution to the question of East Timor.

Without underestimating the difficulties of this task, he is encouraged by the stated desire of the parties to find a negotiated solution despite the wide chasm between their basic positions of principle. In this process, the Secretary-General will continue to consult and seek the views of East Timorese groups and personalities of all shades of political opinion.

Action taken by the Special Rapporteur on the question of torture The Government denied these allegations. The Special Rapporteur also transmitted to the Government a communication concerning four East Timorese who had allegedly suffered ill-treatment.

Action taken by the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. In his observations, the Special Rapporteur noted that he remained deeply concerned about the ongoing unrest and violence in East Timor. He also regretted that no reaction had been received from the Government of Indonesia with regard to the recommendations made upon his visit to Indonesia and East Timor in Action taken by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention On 28 Februarythe Chairman of the fifty-first session of the Commission on Human Rights made a statement announcing what had been agreed by consensus by the Commission on the situation of human rights in East Timor.

The Government of Indonesia immediately conducted an investigation on the allegations of human rights violations in the Liquica regency. It established that, contrary to the allegations, the six people who were killed were indeed guerrillas who were involved in an ambush against a military patrol, not civilians.

Furthermore, the Government also found that irregularities and misconduct had taken place. The findings of the Council, among others, were recommendations to court-martial the officers involved on criminal charges.

Maubere, were then arraigned on 7 February The verdicts for the two were handed down on 19 June Second Lieutenant Jeremiah Kasse was sentenced to four and half years imprisonment and dishonourably discharged from military service.

First Private Rusdin Maubere was sentenced to four years imprisonment and dishonourably discharged from military service. The Indonesian Government is indeed committed to uphold the law in dealing with human rights and violators of military discipline and to prevent the recurrence of such human rights abuses and violations in the future.

The incidents were caused by several unrelated circumstances but were capitalized upon by certain irresponsible elements who circulated leaflets distorting the facts.

In the last few weeks they have engaged in a sort of crusade against the people of East Timor and the Catholic church. In order to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and maintain the harmony of inter-religious and inter-ethnic life, the Government of Indonesia has set up a Forum for Communication and Consultation among the religious leaders in East Timor on 26 October The inauguration of the forum was attended by, among others, the Indonesian Minister for Religious Affairs, the Ambassador of the Holy See to the Republic of Indonesia, the Bishop of Dili and other prominent figures from various religions in Indonesia.

Those irresponsible elements have also committed gross violations of human rights in East Timor. On 1 September they raided a village in Baucau and killed three villagers, namely M. The killing of innocent civilians showed that those irresponsible separatist elements had lost public support.

The fact that the separatist elements were also losing faith was marked by the surrender of two self-claimed commanders of the separatist armed groups.The TRC commenced operations in and published the first five volumes of its report in [8] The Amnesty Committee continued operations through , .

in 1995 amnesty write a report entitled meaning

Amnesty International, Amnesty International Report - India, 1 January , available at: (see Amnesty International Report ).

Reports of rape in , and in June another entitled India: Deaths in custody in In August Amnesty International publicly challenged the government to respond seriously to more than cases of "disappearance" in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, following a disappointing government response to a report issued by Amnesty International in (see Amnesty International Report ).

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