Image based material editing services

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Image based material editing services

This post will cover the monumental improvements to materials in the current release of Enscape. It is truly amazing, the level of realism we can achieve with so little effort and with blazing fast speeds. What used to take hours to render and look decent in our old software, now takes seconds and looks remarkable using Enscape.

The first image is a reminder of where we left our sample SketchUp model in the previous post: In this post, we will look at how the new Enscape Materials tool will allow us to enhance a few of the materials in this scene.

Next images are designed to let you see details and how the lighting looks on surfaces.

image based material editing services

Wood desk closeup in SketchUp Similar to what we saw in the previous post, the following image shows how the wood material would look like in Enscape without special naming or new adjustment opportunities.

While the special names in a SketchUp material still work, we have several more options which can be adjusted in a number of ways. The great thing about Enscape is its emphasis on simplicity.

And to that end, anything we can set in the primary author tool, SketchUp in this case, such as selecting a texture, Enscape uses that information rather than creating duplicate functionality.

Thus, the process of editing a SketchUp material starts with selecting the material in the Materials tray as shown in step 1 below. Next, if not already open, the Enscape Materials dialog is opened.

Enscape material edit based on selected SketchUp material Albedo texture settings In the left image, we see the texture wilsonart Thus, anyone with Enscape installed and licensed, can work with these same settings. However, for bump and glossy, only the paths are saved in the SketchUp file, so you have to ensure that they are located at the correct position.

At one point, in addition to the General settings, there is an Albedo tab as pointed out below. This tab offers a few additional adjustments to the texture, such as Brightness, Inverted and Size. The portion of incident light that is reflected by a surface.

It is a subset of what defines the material property. This, in and of itself, is an interesting topic we will discuss more in future posts.

Clicking the Explicit texture transformation option allows the material dimensions to be overridden from what is set in SketchUp. If we would like to create a high-gloss finish we can adjust the Roughness slider to a lower value item A.

In a subsequent step, we will also add a bump map. This image points out the option to quickly use the original image by clicking the Use Albedo link item B.

Adjusting Roughness value Roughness: Defines the amount of microscopic surface structure that spreads the reflections.Don’t Miss: 15 Best Image Editors I Discovered for Linux This is why we have gathered a list of the best Linux video editing software so you can easily manage your videos in Linux environment.

image based material editing services

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