Great tips for great holidays

But it is important to make time for your aging parents.

Great tips for great holidays

Whatever your motivation for trying to get back in shape realize this. The vast majority of people who join a gym or hit the running trail after January first all have one thing in common: Physical fitness is very relevant to preppers when you consider any number of SHTF scenarios and what would be involved both during and after.

Now add lbs of fat to their frame and what do you have? Prepping is all about mindset and so is physical fitness. By simply deciding that it is time to start prepping you place yourself in a position that is better off than most of the population who keep their heads buried in the sand.

The good news is there are ways to make sure you are successful when starting your program after the Holidays. Below are 12 tips which will help with your path to success after you put down that plate of pumpkin pie and pick up that dumb bell.

I see it all the time, new people who come into the gym and spend 2 hours there doing every conceivable exercise. Once they are complete with that they get on the treadmill for an hour, their guilt fuels their drive to work out.

Unfortunately this only serves to burn them out, they wake up completely sore and have to take a few days off.

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Within 2 weeks they are not seen in the gym again. Think baby steps, you have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run. You will not lose lbs in one month nor will you go from walking a mile in 25 minutes to running a mile in 6 minutes.

By setting unrealistic goals you are only setting yourself up for failure and discouragement.

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Success comes gradually and sometimes slowly but small victories are still victories. Maybe you have to stop 4 times to catch your breath while jogging a mile but after a month you only have to stop 2 times.

Or maybe you can only do 3 minutes of the abdominal routine in your fitness class before fatigue sets in, but after a month you can now complete 4 minutes.

If physical fitness is a lifestyle it has to be just as important as brushing your teeth every morning, taking a shower, going to work.

You will have days where you are tired, sore, worked late at the office but these are not reasons to stop with your program. Do NOT step on the scale: Here is where many people set themselves up for failure. They workout for 1 week and then they weigh themselves.

Once they see no movement on the scale, or maybe just a pound or two difference, they throw in the towel. Give yourself at least a month before stepping on the scale!

Will you graduate the course being able to shoot like a SOF Operator? You might only be margially better than you were before, progress takes time and effort. Give yourself 2 months: Promise yourself that you will give your new program at least 2 months before considering if you want to quit.

Many people get discouraged after a week or two and decide to give up. If you look in the mirror every single day you will not notice much of a change, but if you compare a picture of yourself showing day 1 and day 60 the difference will most likely be very noticeable!

Forget measuring out servings, counting calories based on nutritional fact charts. Start simple, eat smart. Less or no fast food. Limit yourself to one soda a day if you can go cold turkey do that.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water. You know french fries are bad for you, so is that massive plate of hamburger helper. Eat an apple or drink a Myoplex shake.

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Great tips for great holidays

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Great tips for great holidays
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