Essay about transportation in the future

When using technology, we often focus optimistically on all the things it does for us. But I want you to show you where it might do the opposite.

Essay about transportation in the future

May 22nd, Frictionless vehicles and binary power will define transportation in the world ahead Transportation technology is progressing at a much slower pace than some of the other sciences such as information technology, biotech, and nanotechnology.

While there is much talk about flying at a speed that approaches the speed of light, very little effort is actually being expended in this area. However, transportation technology is about to move ahead more rapidly in the coming years with the advent of two radically new technologies — frictionless vehicles and binary power.

Throughout history we have learned that the two principle driving forces of humanity are freedom and control. Any new forms of transportation that do not measurably improve our sense of freedom or give us added control of our lives will likely fail in the marketplace.

The arrival of fully automated navigation systems for ground-based vehicles will set the stage for fully automated navigation systems for flying vehicles.

Here are a few other transportation landmarks that will help pave the way for the more significant innovations.

And The Future Of Transportation | Future Transportation | Travel Trends - Futurist Speaker

By personal transportation devices will be all the rage and electric shoes with built-in roller-skates will be gaining much of the attention. After nine years of heavy media coverage, the Segway Human Transporter will begin to gain serious market share.

By traditional gas-powered autos will start to decline with electric automobiles and hybrids taking up most of the slack.

Essay about transportation in the future

By we will see an industry being built up around self-illuminating highways — highways that glow in the dark. By a first attempt at launching the space elevator will fail, setting the industry back a decade. Frictionless Vehicles Around we will see commercialization of the first friction-free no-moving-parts flying vehicles which will be considered by many to be the ultimate freedom machine.

Much like the transition from analog to digital in the world of information technology, the study of traditional mechanics and traditional aerodynamics will be replaced with a new physics governing vehicular movement.

Even today, flying cars are very much on the radar screen to become a next generation automotive technology. The Flying Car Era The flying car era will really begin around with flying drones. But beyond that, drones will enable homes to be taken off the grid with delivery of water and electricity changing out batteries for the hometrash and sewage pickup, and much more.

These too will begin as air-powered vehicles and later convert to frictionless drones. Six key technological breakthroughs will be needed for the first generation of flying cars to become viable — the fully automated navigation systems, directional layering of airspace, low-impact vertical take-off, convenient fly-drive capability, silent engines, and specialized safety systems.

Fully automated navigation systems — The average person has a difficult time navigating on a two dimensional surface. Yes, people will want the freedom of being able to do some creative maneuvering in certain situations, but that will only be allowed in rare instances.

Directional layering of airspace — With several hundred thousand vehicles flying over a city, there will need to be an organized system for managing the traffic, and having all vehicles at a particular altitude traveling the same direction would eliminate many problems.

For example, all vehicles traveling at 1, ft altitude would be traveling due north, at 1, ft altitude 1 degree east of due north, 1, ft altitude 2 degrees east of due north, etc.

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Vehicles would spiral up or down to make their turns. While not a perfect solution because the North Pole becomes a crash point for those flying due north, it does represent a good starting point for engineering a solution. Low-impact vertical take-off — For use by the average person, flying cars cannot have a runway requirement.

They need to take off and land vertically without blowing the leaves off of trees or shutters off your house. Convenient fly-drive capability — As humanity makes the transition from ground-based autos to flying cars there will be a need for both driving on the ground and flying in the air. Silent engines — Very few cities will want to put up with the noise of several hundred thousand flying vehicles if they all sound like airplanes today.

Specialized safety systems — To date both aircraft and airspace have been closely controlled by organizations like the FAA and the NTSB to insure the safety of the flying public. Because of the sheer volume of vehicles and the lower caliber of individuals allowed to fly, additional safety measures will have to be in place.

Safety technologies will include collision avoidance systems and drop-out-of-the-sky emergency airbags on the outside of vehicles. Binary power is the concept where two otherwise harmless beams of energy will intersect at some point in space creating a source of power.

To better explain binary power, think in terms of two invisible beams intersecting in a room and the point at which they intersect is a glowing point of light. Yes, binary power will eventually replace all light bulbs.

For this reason the industry will go through a very rapid conversion leaving the mechanical masterpieces we know as cars today destined for the scrap heap. Bybecause of friction-free technologies and advances in material science, the average passenger vehicle will weigh less than lbs. Bybecause of automation, far fewer pieces, and greatly reduced complexity the average manufacturing time for a vehicle will be less than one hour.Essay Scholarships.

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The future of transportation will be derived by strong desires for personal freedom and people’s need to gain control over lifestyles that are moving faster and faster. At the DaVinci Institute, our goal in writing “ and the Future of Transportation” was to help stimulate thinking and hopefully make it controversial enough to cause these topics to .

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The New Automobility: Lyft, Uber and the Future of American Cities Municipal and civic officials in cities across the country are grappling with how to respond to the unexpected arrival and rapid growth of new mobility services, most notably, ride services such as Uber and Lyft (also called Transportation Network Companies, or TNCs) and “microtransit” companies such as Via and Chariot.

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Essay: Future Trends in Transportation