Davidson college honor code

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Davidson college honor code

Wilson College Chambersburg, PA There are differences between the honor codes of different universities. The University of Virginia opts for a system run by elected students and involving randomly chosen students.

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Bryn Mawr College holds its students to a high degree of trust with their Honor Code which is revised yearly and ruled by the Honor Board. Connecticut College students uphold academic excellence and high community standards by practicing responsible citizenship that protects the core principles of the College.

With the privilege of having a diverse student body, students should be able to interact and learn from each other in ways that uphold community respect and personal freedom. The honor system at Connecticut College is unique in that it is upheld and presided over by a student-governed judicial process.

Because the Honor Code is taken very seriously by students, there is a strong trust between students, faculty and administration. The Honor Code sets the tone for campus life and acts as a philosophy to live by through demonstrating a commitment to personal participation in improving the quality of life in our community.

This code is concerned with an academic as well as a social component, demanding equal respect among students, in contrast to the military academies' focus on hierarchy. Davidson College also holds a dual honor code. According to a legend surrounding the Davidson code, Davidson college honor code student was put on trial for not reporting an extra can of soda dispensed by a vending machine.

Vanderbilt University has also been governed by an Honor Code since its founding. First year students attend an honor code ceremony to protect the traditions and academic integrity of the university. A plaque of the honor code is engraved in the student life center with a quote by once-Chancellor Madison Sarratt, "Today I give you two examinations, one in trigonometry and one in honesty.

I hope you pass them both, but if you must fail one, let it be trigonometry for there are many good men in this world today who cannot pass an examination in trigonometry, but there are no good men in the world who cannot pass an examination in honesty.

A student who deals dishonestly with fellow law students may be dishonest in the future and harm both future clients and the legal profession. UT Law School is unique in that regard. A student who violates the code, if found "responsible", may receive anywhere from a letter grade reduction to expulsion from the university for a first time offense, while second time offenders are either suspended from the university for a semester or expelled.

The Code places a high emphasis on integrity and good judgement. Meredith College is unique in the fact that its judicial board the Honor Council is primarily governed by students, including the Chair who also sits on the Student Government Association executive board, and the Solicitor General, who facilitates and investigates all incoming reports.

Male visitation hours, or "boy hours," are a common violation at a school that does not allow men to stay overnight in the residence halls. However criticized it may be for being outdated, Meredith's Honor Code has evolved with the times and can be seen in the school's archives.

Washington and Lee University and its Law School feature an honor system in which all students are expected to act as gentlemen and women. The system governs both academic and social aspects of the university and is administered by the Executive Committee which includes the student body president.

The honor system has a single penalty—expulsion. If allegations surface of a student violating the honor system they are given the right to a trial and appeal.

I understand that such acts violate the Honor Code and undermine the community of trust, of which we are all stewards. No Aid; No Violations. Therefore, I pledge to uphold all standards of honorable conduct.

I will report myself and others for any infraction of this pledge. I also pledge my support to our system of self-government, an integral part of our way of life at Meredith College. I make this pledge in view of my fellow students thus signifying our high resolve to keep our honor forever sacred and our self-government forever strong.Honor Code; The Davidson Trust; Sustainability; The Davidson College Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa received its charter as Gamma of North Carolina from the United Chapters (now the Phi Beta Kappa Society) on March 1, Since then, the local chapter has elected over 2, members.

Elections are held in the spring semester . The Davidson College Honor Code states: "Every student shall be honor bound to refrain from cheating (including plagiarism). Every student shall be honor bound to refrain from stealing. Every student shall be honor bound to refrain from lying about College .

News and information from Information Technology Services at Davidson College. A regular part of the conversation at the Williams board on College Confidential is a “chance” request. A high school student wants the community to provide feedback on . Davidson College academic catalogs.

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Davidson college honor code

26). Davidson College is a highly selective independent liberal arts college for 1, students located 20 minutes north of Charlotte in Davidson, N.C.

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