Continuum of care options matrix

There are six main types of residential elder care options:

Continuum of care options matrix

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Emails are serviced by Constant Contact. Since home health and hospice providers may have vast amounts of payers or locations, a payer matrix will be a vital tool for centrally storing information on obtaining insurance verifications, authorizations, billing guidelines, follow-up techniques, and reimbursement rates.

Additionally, the contracting team can use the data to better understand the contract, monitor events, and pass knowledge from employee to employee. A comprehensive matrix will not only be an information database but also an important training and onboarding tool.

When built properly, both new and current employees will have all the information they need right at their fingertips. Below are six essential steps to properly build your payer matrix: Compile all Payer Contracts The first step in any matrix development is to gather the source data.

In this first step, gather all paper and electronic contracts. Be sure to gather only the most current version of the contract. Identify Key Pieces of Information for Matrix Headers In most cases, the billing, authorization, and eligibility departments will be your main audience.

The contracting and finance team may also be using the matrix from time to time. When developing the matrix headers, be sure to keep all these stakeholders in mind.

Consider what information they would need to see daily to perform their job duties effectively. From here, establish appropriate headers. Decide on an acceptable number of headers, not too few or too many. A matrix with not enough information is just as useless as one with too much information.

Payer matrices need to be user-friendly, but also contain enough information that employees will find it beneficial in their work. Remember, field headers can be added later. To make the matrix as intuitive as possible, group common headers together.

In general, most home health and hospice matrices use these header categories: Incorporate any new fields that will significantly improve operations. For example, fostering a better understanding of payers by utilizing a payment timeline data field.

During months where cash is a little tight, you can use this to identify the payers that have the quickest payment timelines to focus staff efforts for a quick cash injection. Identify the Software While gathering the matrix information, you must also identify which software you will use for your matrix.

Continuum of care options matrix

Use the software available to your advantage. It is best to go with a program that can easily organize large amounts of data.

April 2008 - Updated November 2013

Options include, Excel, Access, or an investment in a documentation management software. Another thing to consider is the number of users who will need to access the file at one time from a central location.

As you will see below, this functionality is paramount as many employees will be in the matrix at once. Compile the Data and Enter into Matrix Solicit information from staff in each function and bring the provided information together with the contract data.

Ask for input regarding payer tips and tricks, key contacts, timelines, and any other information not found in the contract. In many cases, a formalized Payer Matrix Committee should be formed to lead this project.

Organize the information and begin to enter it into the matrix. Double check and proof-read the data after it is all compiled. You will be entering large amounts of data, so it is very easy to make a mistake.

Distribute and Use the Matrix Once the matrix is completed, distribute it to all employees who will use it.

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Store the matrix in a centralized location so that it is easily accessible. Since many people will be going in and out of the matrix, you must consider password protecting the data from being edited by unauthorized users.

In doing so, you will limit any issues with deleted or inaccurate data. Only a select group of people your committee should be able to make any changes going forward. Develop short trainings or literature on how to view and use the matrix in accordance with your organizational goals.

This is very important to obtain buy-in from staff who should use this in their day-to-day work.University of Phoenix Material Continuum of Care Options Matrix Use the matrix below to identify and describe 5 different options available for long-term care populations across the continuum of care.

Each description must be at least 50 words. Continuum of Care Options Matrix Use the matrix below to identify and describe 5 different options available for long-term care populations across the continuum of care. Each description must be at . Continuum of Care Options Matrix HCS/ Version 2 1 University of Phoenix Material Continuum of Care Options Matrix Use the matrix below to identify and describe 5 different options available for long-term care populations across the continuum of care%(4).

The following matrix presents key features and requirements for ACO programs in six of the participating states: services across the care continuum including physical and behavioral health services and engage patients in shared defined set of primary care services and options for a defined set of BH services; 2 - Quality Incentive.

InDemand has you covered across the continuum of care. A complete suite of VRI products for any clinical environment. We analyzed the needs of our clients across the continuum of care and designed VRI solutions that. Assistance living facilities is for elderly and disables people that needs little to no assistance.

Continuing retirement communities is a service that allows the elderly to live amongst peers of the same age group without a nursing home / assistance living setting.

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