Construction site accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inthere were deaths due to an accident at a construction site, accounting for more than 18 percent of all on-the-job fatalities that year.

Construction site accidents

Construction Accident November 9 Many things could go wrong on or near a construction site. After all, there are lots of heavy equipment, electrified wires, flying particles, sharp objects, and machines. One of the reasons why being a construction worker is still such a risky job is because many construction companies fail to comply with safety regulations and do not do enough to increase on-site safety.

Today, we decided to help them out a little bit. We invited our San Diego construction accident attorney from Simpson Law Group to outline some of the best ways construction companies can improve on-site safety and reduce the risk of construction accidents and on-the-job injuries.

So if you are a construction worker in California, Construction site accidents sure to show it to your employer or supervisor. Provide the latest gear and protective equipment Some construction companies in California tend to skimp on equipping their workers with the latest gear and work clothes. This is a huge mistake, as failure to provide construction workers with the latest gear such as a durable helmet, vest, high-performance work boots, and other protective equipment and clothes amounts to failure to maintain adequate safety on the part of the construction company.

Did you know that manufacturers of construction gear make work boots that prevent penetration through the sole? Or did you know that many construction companies that care about their on-site safety equip their construction workers with smart helmets that feature augmented reality to warn the worker of potential hazards?

Invest in a drone Many construction companies have gone crazy with drones, and so should your employer. Investing in a drone can increase safety on the construction site, as it helps with mapping and data analysis. Also, drones help survey and monitor the construction work.

Using a drone is also advisable for supervisors who can monitor if workers comply with safety regulations and standards we all know that supervisors on construction sites are often too lazy to conduct in-person inspections, and lack of inspection, in turn, is one of the most common causes of construction accidents in the U.

Comply with safety regulations Our experienced construction accident attorney in San Diego cannot stress enough how important it is for a construction company to be compliant with the latest safety regulations. Did you know that last year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA released the latest version of safety regulations for the construction industry?

For example, since falls are one of the most common causes of construction injury in the United State, the latest regulations by the OSHA set a safe distance of six feet for workers on an unprotected roof edge before these regulations, there had been no set safe distance. Upgrade your first aid kit You may be surprised to hear that many construction companies in California do not provide their workers with an adequate first aid kit, and some do not have any first aid kit whatsoever.

In California, construction companies are legally required to have a minimal first aid kit containing medications and basic supplies to help workers in the event of an injury.

Construction site accidents

If a company truly cares about the safety of its workers, it should consult with a qualified medical professional to find out which drugs and basic supplies must be inside the first aid kit at all times. Have you been injured on a construction site and want to hold your construction company liable for the accident?

Get a free consultation from our San Diego construction accident attorney from Simpson Law Group to determine liability in your particular situation. Call our offices at Contact the Simpson Family Please leave this field empty.Construction site accidents may result in catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

In some cases, victims and family members can recover damages. With all of the activities that occur on a construction site, accidents due to falls are the number one threat to construction workers on a work site, (OSHA, ). The U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) states that falls are the number one cause of construction .

White Plains Construction accident lawyers at Marvin A. Cooper, P.C. shares a few ways you or your loved one can work to prevent construction site accidents. Accidents on construction sites cause thousands of workplace injuries in the United States each year.

Although the Occupational Health & Safety Administration has developed safety standards in order to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries to construction workers, some negligent contractors, subcontractors, and developers fail to comply with these guidelines and put their employees at risk.

In addition to these causes of construction site fatalities, there are several other hazards which frequently cause accidents. Falling debris and tools are not uncommon at building sites. From several stories up, even a hammer can cause significant damage to an unfortunate person .

Contact an experienced construction accident attorney to learn more. There are several reasons why cases involving construction site accidents are complex, from the number of parties that are often involved to the need to establish a defendant’s superior knowledge.

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