Ccea ict database coursework

All resources have been used in the classroom and proved to be successful. You will save hours of re-inventing the wheel by using these resources. The model answers provided for the real controlled assessment are a sample and a guide to help teachers to understand how to do the tasks.

Ccea ict database coursework

Ccea ict database coursework

Students must research the case study thoroughly and apply their knowledge and understanding to a range of business solutions. Students must produce a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their understanding of the unit material by practically applying it to the case study.

Students must produce a professional and functional small business website based on their investigation of the enterprising business described in the case study material. They must also produce a written document outlining the website plan, design, and development.

This might include organisational charts and illustrations.

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The emphasis, however, should be on the website as a mode of information communication. AS Unit 6 Internet and Business Students must produce a professional portfolio for a chosen client from a business or official organisation. The portfolio must advise on how best to exploit the Internet to benefit business and staff.

The portfolio should include: A2 Unit 8 Database Development Students must develop a working relational database system which captures data and validates, stores and processes data to produce information. The system must be fully tested and assessed in terms of: Students must also produce user documentation to go with the database.Teachers, centres and candidates should note that CCEA may use extracts from examination scripts/coursework material on an anonymous basis in educational presentations, materials and products.

build a database, which can later be interrogated to identify unknown organisms.

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CCEA GCSE ICT. Our year 12’s /18 follow the CCEA Revised Full Course in GCSE ICT. and find specific records and produce reports based on the results of these queries and create a user interface for the database.

This is a % Coursework unit. It is Internally assessed and moderated before being sent away for external assessment. Start studying CCEA GCSE ICT - Database Software.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Edexcel GCSE ICT Controlled Assessment Teacher Support Book Edexcel GCSE ICT Controlled assessment has replaced coursework in the new GCSE ICT specification.

This means that: database system or a web-based product. What is E-Moderation? E-Moderation is a suite of applications developed by CCEA to modernise the collection of controlled assessment/coursework marks, and for some subjects the provision of uploaded samples for moderation, for GCE/GCSE qualifications.

Ccea ict database coursework

Unit 8: Managing ICT Projects Unit 7: Using Database Software (Exam) UNIT 9 WEBSITE DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT A2 class notes pass papers Applied ICT Key Stage 5 students have the option to follow the AS and A2 Edexcel Applied ICT course.

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