An analysis of the discoveries and the role of columbus

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An analysis of the discoveries and the role of columbus

Today, Canada boasts the highest percentage of foreign-born citizens than any other G8 country.

Role of ships in ancient discoveries. Ships played an important role in the ages of great discoveries. The curiosity was a prime motive to know as much. In recent history, Christopher Columbus has been regarded as a great explorer renowned for his numerous discoveries. [tags: Christopher Columbus Essays] Good Essays Analysis Of Christopher Columbus 's ' The Failure Of Discovering The Americas ' The role of history in the iconography of the United States is pervasive, yet the. Columbus reports on his first voyage, On August 3, , Columbus set sail from Spain to find an all-water route to Asia. On October 12, more than two months later, Columbus landed on an island in the Bahamas that he called San Salvador; the natives called it Guanahani.

InCanada welcomed a record number of immigrants for its seventh consecutive year, withnewcomers entering the country. In opening its doors to immigration, Canada has created a society of mixed languages, cultures and religions.

A History of Immigration Canada is a nation of newcomers. Originally inhabited by Aboriginal peoples, immigration to Canada began with the French and British colonization in the 17th century.

The trend continued through the 18th and 19th centuries with United Empire loyalists who fled the United States during the American Civil War. A subsequent wave of immigration from Europe after the two World Wars brought many new cultures, languages and religious groups to Canada, resulting in many changes in government policy and the first laws to protect diversity.

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During the last 60 years, immigration has continued to flourish, with newcomers arriving from every corner of the globe. The Canadian constitution, implemented by Prime Minister Trudeau in contained a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that protected multiculturalism.

The Canadian Multiculturalism Act was introduced in and federal funds began to be distributed to ethnic groups to assist them in preserving their cultures. Many of the cultural community centres that exist today were established during this time as a result of this funding.

An analysis of the discoveries and the role of columbus

Diversity by the Numbers Today, immigrants represent over 20 percent of the total Canadian population, the highest proportion among G8 countries. Over ethnic origins were reported in the National Household Survey and 13 of those had surpassed the one million population mark.

Although Canada has two official languages English and Frenchmore than languages were reported in the Census of Population as a home language or mother tongue.

Statistics Canada projects bybetween 25 to 28 percent of the population will be foreign-born and 29 to 32 percent of the population will belong to a visible minority group. Visible minorities are expected to account for 63 percent of the population of Toronto, 59 percent of Vancouver and 31 percent of Montreal.

A Broad View of Diversity Diversity in Canada extends beyond race and ethnicity but spans language, gender, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, abilities and economic status.

One area where diversity is often discussed is in the labour market. Canadian employers have taken strides to ensure their corporations are representative of the diverse Canadian population.The Dark Truth of Christopher Columbus - Christopher Columbus was an Italian sailor and explorer who travelled across the Atlantic Ocean in , in search of a quick route to India Spice trading, which was at the time the largest industry in the world.

COLUMBUS, Ind., Feb. 12, /PRNewswire/ -- Faurecia Clean Mobility (FCM) has changed the name of its Columbus Tech Center to Clean Mobility Crossroads.

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The ship that led Christopher Columbus' mission to discover America was run aground and used as accommodation before finally being burnt by natives, it has been claimed. The theory raises new. The following then are some of the implications of the preceding analysis for science education: Philosophers of science have described what constitutes legitimate scientific knowledge as well as the complexities associated with discoveries in science.

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